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Learn with the experts and in an easy and fun way. Access to lessons 24/XNUMX hours.

ABOUT THE MEMBERSHIP OF CUATRISTAS is the best place to start your learning and/or progress in the CuatroPuerto Rican. With the membership of, you can explore hundreds of video lessons, tabs, sheet music, downloadable tracks, and live lessons from Day 1 beginner level to advanced courses. learn with cuatristas experts and who also have training in music education.

Learn to play the Puerto Rican Cuatro from the comfort of your home is a pioneer teaching system in Puerto Rican education Cuatro through the internet. People from different parts of the world have learned to play the Cuatrousing our online method. If you are learning to play cuatro or are you interested in improving your skills and knowledge as cuatrista, has reached the right place.

Hundreds of classes and educational material has more than 500 online cuatro lessons in video format. Every month you will find more material for you to continue learning everything related to the Cuatro. Each class includes supporting material such as tabs, sheet music, backing tracks. We constantly add new lessons of basic, intermediate and advanced level. Learn Seises, Aguinaldos, Danzas, Mazurkas, Techniques, Paso Doble, Improvisation Lessons, among others. In we publish educational material, lessons, videos, tabs, live classes every month.

You will always find new material. You will never get bored of doing the same! Learn the Cuatrofrom the comfort of your home and with expert instructors.

Cuatro Lessons & Master Classes

In addition to having hundreds of lessons from cuatro pre-recorded, we also offer classes of cuatro Live. These Master Classes are lessons focused on different topics applied to cuatro, such as techniques, repertoire, reading, among others. Some sessions are focused on questions and answers from members live and offer open dialogue and discussion with our teachers. Get professional help, anytime in a live format with a membership of Live Master Class (group) have no additional cost, they are completely free for members of

Download music in PDF

Each lesson we offer is complemented with interactive tabs and scores and learning material to help you develop as cuatrista. Imagine, watch a video and at the same time read in real time the tablature, the score, change the speed, do loops, repeat phrases and more. You can download all in PDF format.

Backing Tracks

You can practice your favorite lessons with a guitar track and download it to your computer. Your practices will be more fun and efficient. The backing tracks are exclusively for educational purposes and prepared in our music studio for the lessons of

Interactive books

You will find a series of interactive books with valuable information about Puerto Rican Cuatro, such as books with images, chord photos, text, descriptions and references of great educational interest.

WHAT IS CUATRISTAS?®, is an educational method created to provide lessons in cuatro Puerto Rican online for those looking for an easy, fast and fun way to learn to play the Cuatro.

En®, we will give you all the knowledge you need to learn to play the Puerto Rican Cuatro. We offer you lessons from basic, intermediate and advanced levels.® was founded in 2008 by the cuatrista Maribel Delgado, and has grown its lesson library to more than 500 lessons, adding new content and lessons accessible to all members weekly. Its founder, Maribel Delgado, besides being an interpreter of the cuatro is a teacher at Puerto Rican Cuatro since 2004.

You will feel safe learning with our lessons because they are easy to follow and based on your skills, so you will have the flexibility to navigate from the basic, intermediate to advanced levels. Access is unlimited to all content.® has lessons for everyone, whether you are a beginner or a cuatrista advanced that seeks to improve its technique. With lessons that teach you from scratch, covering all genres for cuatro. You will not get bored or get lost with repetitive or boring lessons.

In® you can see all the lessons, of all levels, and review them as many times as you want. You will find lessons such as: Seises, Aguinaldos, Danzas, Guarachas, Techniques, Scales, Improvisation, Jazz and much more.


images / testimonial_edgardoO.jpg is one of the most useful tools I have come across in recent years. I have learned a lot and continue to learn even more 100% recommended.

Edgardo Rose

Cuatristas Member
images / imgonline-com-ua-shape-LEWopbHXCpQPRbO.png has been essential in my development as cuatrista. Having access to so many excellent resources instantly and from anywhere is incalculable and Maribel is an excellent instructor who is always willing to help with any questions.

Trevor osborn

Cuatristas Member
images / imgonline-com-ua-shape-ZiklohD1lBT.png

I love the humble and humble way with which they respond both in live classes and to the details by their system. I recommend them 100% in their professionalism for music, in their personal support to each friendship and in any human effort for our Puerto Rico that needs them so much.

Alberto Melà © ndez

Cuatristas Member
images / marilyn.png

I recommend to all those interested in learning to play our national instrument: cuatro to use the teaching system of It has been one of the most useful tools to learn play cuatro. You learn a lot, but not only play cuatro but also read music. The most that I liked are the live classes with our teacher Maribel Delgado. I encourage and recommend this teaching system to a 💯. Enjoy it!

Marilyn torres

Cuatristas Member
images / glorimar.png

En you learn to play cuatro fast and in an easy way. Plus, you get everything from tracks, tabs, videos, and even live classes with teacher Maribel Delgado. has followed my best tool that I have had for my performance in the cuatro Puerto Rican. Now it is easy to learn and from your own home regardless of the country where you are. Do not miss this opportunity that offers ... you won't regret it.

Glorimar Marrero

Cuatristas Member
images / usercuatristasokuser.png

I love these lessons and I have developed like never before as I have acquired more fluency and speed in the Cuatro.

Guillermo Hernández

Cuatristas Member
images / usercuatristasokuser.png

A super efficient tool, surprised with the excellent treatment and service provided on the page. Congratulations on this great achievement!

Otoniel Caban

Cuatristas Member

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