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The area of ​​tracks has problems?

They are not heard and even less can be downloaded ...
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I couldn't use them ...
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New lessons

If possible, see if they can create tablature for Idilio and Amanecer Borincano ....
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To cancel my account. Thank you

Good afternoon. To cancel my account for now, since I am out of a job. Thank you...
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Subscription status

Greetings I would like to cancel my subscription thanks ...
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Six Montebello - Tablature

I don't know if you have the tablature for the seis montebello. I heard it on youtube and I loved it ...
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Account access

I am having trouble accessing my account. It gives me a message that I am not authorized to enter that area. Apparently I made a mistake ...
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My progress (first video - Aguinaldo Isabelino)

Hello dear Maribel! A few years ago I have been using and well, I am finally using it in the way recommended by you (Basic Level.) I came up with the warm-ups and the exercises of the scale in DO Mayor. The subject I'm prac ...
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Could you place score of I am like coqui?

Could you put score of I am like coqui? ...
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How do I cancel my subscription? Thank you.

Hi Please cancel my subscription. I do not see a cancellation option. Thank you. ...
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Aguinaldo Cagüeño and Quinto a Basic Air

I would like to know if you can have a version of aguinaldos cagueno more basic and fifth in the air ...
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Regards Maribel

You could climb the Six Araucano and Six Chacarera ...
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Bolero - Hate Me

They may show how to play me intermediate / advanced level with the cuatro Puerto Rican? Thank you!...
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new song request

It may include Tenderness (by Edwin Colon Zayas) lesser sun ...
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Transpose the Score

Maribel: How can I transpose a score with the program? For example, if I want to play Aguinaldo Cagueno in G instead of A, how can I do it? Thanks in advance. ...
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Activate Account Again (user: MaxwellPR)

Recently completing a maintenance in Paypal, I accidentally deactivated my account with ? How can I reactivate it again? Thank you !...
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How do I cancel my planm?

Right now I don't have the time to devote to him cuatro. please explain to me how to say how I cancel my plan ...
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Problems with the subscription.

I paid the subscription but it still appears to me as if I had not done so. What I can do?...

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