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I want to practice online

If I think that 2 years ago I am a member online but when I try to start the classes I do not let myself in when I try to see if you can help me to enter the Gracia Maribel classes ....
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How many days in the week do I need to practice to learn on my cuatro.

I look forward to learn how to play the cuatro. This is my first musical instrument ....
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I would like to get the score of the Fatmagul novel theme "Renklerimi Caldiniz"

Get the score of the soap opera Fatmagul (Turkish) "Renklerimi Caldiniz". A very beautiful musical theme. Thank you....
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Six Guaracha (Six Montuno)

Greetings I would like to learn lesson: Six Guaracha, specifically song, "Alla en la Altura" Thank you ...
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Guaracha Alboleda

Score of the alboleda guaracha ...
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accompaniment guitar track seis dripping

Hi, how can I get the accompaniment guitar to practice the seis chorreao lesson? ...
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tab / score of tumbao / montuno for him cuatro

Hi. I would like to know if you could give me some chords for play tumbao / montuno in the cuatro. More precisely, I would like to ask if you could share with me some scores like this: http: // / index.php / tecnica-improvisacion / 232-montunos-y-varia ...
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Puerto Rican bomb

The Puerto Rican pump for parrandas ...
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In my old San Juan most advanced level Me gusta esta version de mi viejo san juan. Para ver si tienen la partidura de esta version o una parecida....
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They could put the Six of the Plain.

Good afternoon. It would be possible that they added the song and tablature of Seis del Llano, since it is one of my favorites and I do not know, if you do me the favor. Thank you very much in advance. Alexie ...
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Request of your memory

Hello, could you give the song of your memory of Ricky Martin? Thank you!...
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How do I watch the videos from a Tablet or Ipad?

To access the videos of through a tablet, either Android or Ipad, you can download a browser or browser in the APP Store of your tablet, either Ipad or Android that allows you to watch videos in Flash format. Most of these ship ...
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How do I choose a teacher?

How do I choose Gabriel Munoz as my teacher? ...

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