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Well, my ADD kicked in and I've put down "Aguinaldo Isabeleño "for the week." En Mi Viejo San Juan "has drawn my attention. Its a very easy song to play and always brings a lot of emotion each time I play and sing along with it. It should be a mandatory requirement for all to learn to play. Mandatory requirement? Is that a double possitive? lol Is that even English? :)

I've also been listening to one of my faviorite, El Salsero Mayor Isamael Rivera. He Cuatroplayed in the songs "De Todos Maneras Rosas" and "Las Caras Lindas" is beautiful. The piano in "El Nazareno" is tasty! I can picture the artist with his eyes closed leaning over the keys and his hands dancing across the ebony and ivory while his body moves rythmically back and forth to the tempo.

I wonder how one would go about finding the sheet music for these songs. I was even thinking of searching the "All Knowing Oracle" (internet) for the musician that played with Ismael Rivera and trying to get the Cuatrosheet music. Got to dream big to achieve big.


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Practicing Beginner Exercises

Practicing "Beginner Exercises". I am finding that if I practice the exercise for more than an hour, I start to make more mistakes. I have to start practicing a song. 

 I think I'm going to record my progress on Friday to have my first review. 


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Jíbaro Jazz

While surfing Youtube.com for Jibaro Jazz I came across the attached video. Maybe some day !!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R15FyirKIeE 100x100

[video: http: //www.youtube.com/watch? v = Rl5FyirKIeE 100x100]

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