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Participate in the #cuatristaschallenge

Participate in the new challenge of the #cuatristaschallenge to cuatristas and other musical instruments. Learn to play the aguinaldo coast and join the #cuatristaschallenge recording your video and add the hashtag #cuatristaschallenge on Facebook. You just have to record a video and in the description write #cuatristaschallenge for your video to be visible to the challenge. The videos will be shared on social networks. Cuatristas.com and others. You sign up?
To request the track send a message to: lacuatrista@ Gmail.com 
Members of Cuatristas.com you can download the track in the section of Aguinaldos. 

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Live Class: Guide Tones and how to use them

Live classes for this week at Cuatristas.com

Topic: Practice Session

The goal of this weekly live session is for you to be able to share your weekly progress and receive feedback and recommendations for further progress. Also a musical sharing of the community of Cuatristas.com with students from different parts of the world. We look forward to welcoming you and helping you continue to progress in your lessons. 

Date: Wednesday, May 18, 2022 

Time: 5:30 pm (Puerto Rico Time)

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New lesson: Exercises for speed in the Puerto Rican Cuatro

Exercises for speed Puerto Rican Cuatro

in the new lesson Exercises for speed (based on the major scales) la cuatrista and teacher Fabiola Méndez explains in detail how to apply techniques for the development of speed in the left hand. See in the section Live classes or go directly HERE

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