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What's New: Live Class "Chord Theory: Armor"

Topic: What's New: Live Class "Chord Theory: The Armor" ♫ Cuatros for Sale ♫

New live recorded lesson: "The Key Armor"
This lesson is a continuation of the theme "Theory of Chords" (part 7) and whose objective is to learn to identify each of the armor of a greater and lesser hue and apply it to the cuatro when recognizing the shades. It is already available in the "Live Class Archive" section. 
This Monday, September 10, we will be learning the different positions of the major chords and their basic combinations. Not to be missed! This live class will be in Spanish by instructor Maribel Delgado. 
Date: Monday, September 10
Time: 8pm (AST) 
Ability to connect to Web Cam: 10 participants per Master Class 
(Exclusive service for active members in Cuatristas.com )

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7 Decorations (licks) for him Seis Squirt in Re

I have prepared this week, a series of decorations for the Seis I drip. This series contains 7 licks or ornaments with variations based on the key of D. Remember that you can always change the key from the interface of Cuatristas.com to the tone of your preference and change the speed. Practice these ornaments with the Guitar Track. Next week you will learn another series of ornaments from Aguinaldo with track, plus new lessons and tutorials for Puerto Rican Cuatro. www.cuatristas.com

See demo:

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New Licks in D Major Cuatristas

Theme: New Licks in D Major Cuatristas

Hello! I hope you are very well and learning a lot from Cuatristas. Com.
A few days ago we notified you of the new ornaments (licks) that you can
to learn. This week we teach you licks based on Seis Squirt in
the tonality of D major.

In the coming weeks you will learn more ornaments to aguinaldos,
seisit is, jazz, guarachas, montunos, among others and in different shades.
In addition, you can practice with guitar tracks created for each
of these ornaments.

To see the new decorations, go to your account Cuatristas.com and in the
"Enter Classes" menu, category "Ornaments and Licks".

I'm glad to know that you are learning and that you have great progress,
so I would like to know a little more about what pieces you are practicing
and offer you help via email support @cuatristas.com

Thank you!

-Maribel Delgado

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