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Participate in the #cuatristaschallenge

Participate in the new challenge of the #cuatristaschallenge for cuatristas and other musical instruments. Learn to play the aguinaldo coast and join the #cuatristaschallenge recording your video and add the hashtag #cuatristaschallenge on Facebook. You just have to record a video and in the description write #cuatristaschallenge for your video to be visible to the challenge. The videos will be shared on social networks. Cuatristas.com and others. You sign up?
To request the track send a message to: lacuatrista@ Gmail.com 
Members of Cuatristas.com you can download the track in the section of Aguinaldos. 

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Christmas teal with Cuatristas.com | Music Video | Christmas 2021 | Rondalla Virtual of Cuatristas.com

cuatro Puerto Rican
Music Video Puerto Rico

Project: Group Video "Trulla Navideña"

Rondalla Virtual of Cuatristas.com

The objective of this project is to give a Christmas musical card through cuatristas.com and its community to families using social networks. The piece to be recorded is "Trulla Navideña" and which we provide for free for everyone at Cuatristas.com. To participate in the project it is necessary to follow the instructions for uniformity and a good visual and audio presentation. You will see the links to download the tablature, sheet music and reference audios at the end of this article. 

If you have any doubts or questions, you can contact us through the customer service chat. GO TO THE CUSTOMER SERVICE CHAT OR LEAVE A MESSAGE


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How to download and print the tablatures for Puerto Rican Cuatro

On this occasion, we are writing to you in order to let you know how to save your tablatures and scores in PDF format.

This is a recurring question to which we have answered in different ways, but TODAY, we want to show you how to do it from the "PRINT" or "PRINT" option that is already available.

Steps to download PDF

  • Below the tablature where you play the lesson, you will be able to read several options, such as: speed, recording and other tool icons. One of the icons looks like a three ellipsis… Press that icon (the three ellipsis).

Then, when you click, the words pitch and settings will appear. Please, click on settings.

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