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LIVE Master Class: Basic Improvisation Concepts Puerto Rican Cuatrowith José Gabriel Muñoz


Master Class: Basic Improvisation Concepts for the Puerto Rican Cuatro 
Instructor: Jose Gabriel Munoz 
Language: English
Enjoy the Master Class tonight! "Basic Improvisation Concepts for Puerto Rican Cuatro". This Master Class will be in English language by instructor José Gabriel Muñoz. 
Date: Monday, May 24 
Time: 8pm (AST) 
Capacity: 10 Attendees per Master Class (Active Members)
Thank you for your patronage, it is a pleasure to serve you!
Questions: support @cuatristas.com

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Live Master Class: Basic Concepts for Improvisation in Puerto Rican Cuatro

Live Master Class: Basic Concepts for Improvisation in Puerto Rican Cuatro 
Hello, tomorrow Monday, May 20, we will have a live Master Class session with Maribel Delgado, and will be discussing the topic "Basic Concepts for Improvisation in Puerto Rican Cuatro". We invite you to enter the Video Chat on Monday (8pm) Puerto Rico time. To access the Live Master Class, enter the website 5 minutes before the start of the class and press the link that will appear above Cuatristas.com or directly in the menu under "Live Class".
Recommended browsers: Chrome & Safari
The Video Conference system is compatible with Chrome and Safari. It doesn't work at all with browsers like Explorer or Firefox. It is also compatible with tablets, smartphones, IOS using these browsers. 
Good News! If you prefer the Master Classes in English we will have the same live class in English next Thursday ... more info soon. 
Recommended browsers: Chrome and Safari

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Luis Sanz live in Cuatristas.com & New lessons Puerto Rican Cuatro


Next Live Video Conference with Luis Sanz (cuatrista and composer)
We are pleased to announce that next Monday, April 23, we will have as a special guest the Cuatrista and composer Luis Sanz, who recently participated in the Grammys with Residente in "Los Hijos del Cañaveral". We invite you to enter the Video Chat on Monday (8pm) enter and share with Luis Sanz. 
Live video conferencing is a service for members of Cuatristas.com and have no additional cost. The purpose is for students to share their progress, ask their instructor live questions, and participate in master classes, etc. 
If you are not a member of Cuatristas you can access here:
New lessons in Cuatristas.com
Seis Marumba
Learn to play the Seis Marumba (Intermediate Level). In the section of Seisis you can find 26 seisIt is to learn with tablature, sheet music and we continue counting ...
I believe in God
At popular request, now you can learn to play the song "I believe in God" at the basic level. It is found in the "Other Genres" section, in this section you can learn and download 31 lessons.
Exercise for Speed ​​# 4
In the series of "Exercises for Speed" you can download those exercises that will make you improve your technique both on the right hand and on the left. Necessary for cuatristas of all levels. In the "Technique" section you can find 56 lessons with different topics on technique.
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