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How to use the metronome (part 3)

Lesson: How to Use the Metronome, Part 3 (continued)
In this lesson you will learn to practice with the metronome applying other rhythms and figures. Interactive class with practice exercises with the cuatrista Maribel Delgado. 
Wednesday, September 3 at 5:30 pm (17:30 pm)

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How to use the metronome?

In this lesson you will learn to use the metronome and apply it to your studio in Puerto Rican Cuatro. Instructor: Maribel Delgado

This lesson is found in the "Live Classes" section which have been recorded from our group live sessions. 

Also, download the literature and practice exercises in PDF format. 

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Live class: How to use the metronome? 2nd part

Live class session with the cuatrista Maribel Delgado. 

Day: Wednesday, August 26 Time: 5:30 pm (AST)
Topic: How to use the metronome? Part 2 (continued)

In this lesson, Maribel explains how to use the metronome with different musical figures and using different time signature with practical exercises. 
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