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Section Update: Books Cuatristas

Section Update: Books Cuatristas

Books section update Cuatristas, a series of books aimed at learning about Puerto Rican Cuatro with different themes. Some of them are:

Minor Chords / Minor Chords

Minor chords in their basic positions

Major Chords / 1st & 2nd Position

Major Chords in 1st. and 2nd. position 

Do Mayor and its investments

Doo Mayor in different investments (Positions)

Combining Chords: Greater Hue

Learn harmonic combinations in different shades

Major Chords / Major Chords

Major Chords / Major Chords

Diminish Chords

Learn the dominant chords in Puerto Rican Cuatro

Minor Chords / Basic Positions / Book 2

Minor Chords Book in its basic position

7th Dominant Chords

Book of Chords less than 7th dominant in its basic position

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