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Puerto Rican Classes Cuatro Live

Puerto Rican Classes Cuatro Live

Distance is no longer a problem to learn to play in Puerto Rican Cuatro with expert teachers. Cuatristas.com offers you all the online educational tools for your learning. This time we want to announce a new service of personalized classes and live through our Video Conference system. Our staff is in the best position to share all the knowledge and help you achieve your goals with the cuatro. You do not necessarily have to be subscribed to Cuatristas.com as it is an additional service and totally created to help you using the most advanced technology. The study plan is personalized according to the needs of each student and the class is completely individual and live. Some of the things you can learn and get:                                    

  • Technique
  • Repertoire
  • Music reading (reading or tablature option)
  • Improvisation
  • Chords, arpeggios, exercises, among others.
  • Custom Lesson Plan
  • Recording each lesson for your files
  • PDF with tabs, sheet music, etc.
  • Follow-up through the ticket system Cuatristas.com
In Spanish and English




New service: Puerto Rican CuatroLive Lessons (Video Conference) In Spanish and English. 

For more info: http://www.puertoricancuatro.com/clases-de-cuatro-por-skype/


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