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Demo of new lesson "Lamento Borincano" 03/14/2011

Demonstration of a new lesson: "Lamento Borincano" by Rafael Hernández

Instructor: Maribel Delgado

[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xU89I1FOf8 440x390]

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Lyrics by Lamento Borincano (Rafael Hernández)

Go crazy happy 
with your cargo 
for the city, oh, 
for the city. 

It carries in his thought 
a whole world full 
of happiness, oh 
of happiness. 

Think to remedy the situation 
of the home that is all his illusion, yes. 

And cheerful the jibarito goes 
thinking like that, saying like that, 
singing along the way: 
If I sell the cargo, my dear God, 
I'm going to buy a suit for my old lady. 

And cheerful, also his mare goes 
to feel that singing 
It's all a hymn of joy 
and in that they are surprised by daylight 
and arrive at the city market. 

Spend the whole morning 
without anyone wanting 
your freight buy, 
Your freight buy. 

Everything, everything is deserted, 
the town is full 
of need, 
of need 

This lament is heard everywhere, 
of my unfortunate Borinquen, yes. 

And sad, the jibarito goes 
thinking like that, saying like that 
crying like that on the road; 
What will become of Borinquen 
my dear God! 
What will become of my children 
and from my home! 

Borinquen, the land of Eden 
the one that when singing, the great Gautier 
called the pearl of the seas, 
Now that you die with your sorrows 
Let me sing to you too. 
I also. 

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