Invitation to Master Class # 2 Live 
Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 13 at 17:00 p.m. (5 p.m. AST), we will have as a second guest the cuatrista and guitarist José Carrasquillo, professor of the Puerto Rican Program Cuatro at the Puerto Rican Art Alliace, Chicago. José is a graduate of the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico, and specialized in the jazz and Caribbean music program and has received multiple awards and scholarships from places such as Berklee College of Music, among others.   

This master class is aimed at members of and in which you will learn topics related to improvisation in Puerto Rican Cuatro and how to apply phrases to your improvisation. You can not lose this!  

Target: Members of will have live interaction through the computer, tablets or mobiles, with Cuatristas recognized in which they will learn various topics related to Cuatro, aspects related to education and culture. 


To access we recommend the following: 

- Access your "login" account to access the link and password for the practice session. It is necessary to access with the password.

- Use headphones to avoid feedback. 
- Make sure you have your account active in
How do I enter the live session? 
The link to enter will be published tomorrow in 30 minutes before class begins. You will see the link and access password at the top of the website. To see this information you must be "login" in your account as it will be visible to active members. If you have questions about how to enter, just send us a message in the chat or via email: lacuatrista@