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Building minor 7th chords

Comprehend chords in the Cuatroand any instrument helps us expand the knowledge that improvisation encompasses. That is why, in the next live classes we will be giving continuity to the study of chords. It doesn't matter what level you are at, if you are a learner or you already know how to play the cuatro Well, our lessons are focused on practical theory and you will learn in such a way that you can apply it. 

Instructor: Fabiola Méndez
Time: 7:00 pm
Place: www.cuatristas.com
To access you must enter your account and you will see the notification to enter class through the Zoom platform.


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Interactive Book of Major Chords

New! Interactive Book of Major Chords

Learn to play the major chords in different positions on the Puerto Rican fretboard Cuatro. You can find the lesson in the section of Technique


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