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Technique for Puerto Rican Cuatro with Orlando Laureano and Maribel Delgado


Like every Wednesday, your teachers from Puerto Rican Cuatro they will be connected live to help you continue learning more and answering questions. Also, join us and enjoy an evening of music and good sharing with other colleagues who study the Cuatrofrom different parts of the world. All in the same place!


Topic: Practice session and progress monitoring

 Wednesday, May 12 5:30 pm (AST)

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4th Live Video Conference

Hello! Cuatristas.com invites you to participate in the 4th Live Video Conference. It will be on Thursday, June 1 at 8pm (AST). In this session (Q & A) you will be able to ask all the questions that you need to clarify, the instructor Maribel will be there Delgado to help you keep improving your techniques and answering your questions. In addition, you can show your progress so that we can give you recommendations to improve and share with other members of the community. Practice your lessons to show your progress in Puerto Rican Cuatro or write your doubts so that you can clarify all the possible ones next Thursday, June 1. 

Date: JUN 1, 2017 Time: 8PM to 9PM (AST)
* It is required to wear headphones to avoid "feedback" or feedback.
* Access to active members of Cuatristas.com If you are not a member you can still subscribe here: SUBSCRIBE
Photo of 4th Live Video Conference (once a week)

Last May 27 we had the second live video conference, where members of Cuatristas.com from the United States and Puerto Rico asked questions and clarified doubts live. Questions were answered such as, for example, the formation of the major, minor, augmented and diminished chords, among other questions from the members present.

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Video Conference (May 16, 2017)

Video Conference (May 16, 2017)

Photo of the Video Conference (Q&A) with the instructor Maribel Delgado and some members of Cuatristas.com

Congratulations to David and Brian for their progress this week in Puerto Rican Cuatro. Success!

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