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New instructor in Cuatristas.com: Jose Gabriel Muñoz

New instructor in Cuatristas.com: Jose Gabriel Muñoz

José Gabriel Muñoz, New teacher in Cuatristas.com

Welcome to Cuatristas.com

Gabriel was born in Utuado, Puerto Rico on December 11, 1976. At the age of 2, his family moved to New Jersey, where he grew up and still resides. Your interest in the cuatro he reached the age of 15, inspired by the great cuatrista Alvin Medina. Gabriel then began to study and learn the traditional folk music of Puerto Rico with Alvin. At the age of 18, Gabriel recorded his first album in a traditional way. And at 21 he recorded his second album, also in a traditional way. Over the years Gabriel has made several appearances on television and radio channels. He has also done many collaborations with other artists and has been featured on other albums. Gabriel's third and fourth installments "Enter Me in Your Adoration" and "For the Whole Year" have recently been released. In 2014, Gabriel recorded his first instrumental album entitled "Lymarie's Prelude." Comprised of a beautiful range of genres, Gabriel performs Latin jazz, classical, and folk instrumentals. Gabriel's goal is to reach Puerto Rican youth who, like him, grew up in the United States and cannot have the traditional musical connection to their roots. In 2002, Gabriel was recognized and received an award in Puerto Rico when he was invited to perform at the 32nd Annual Festival of Cuatroprestigious and was given the opportunity to play alongside some of cuatristas Popular from Puerto Rico. Again in 2014, Gabriel was invited to perform at the national level in Chicago where he opened for one of the most prestigious cuatristas long live Columbus Edwin Zayas. At the National Festival of Cuatroin Chicago, Gabriel shared the stage with cuatristas world-renowned in which he debuted the launch of his most recent production Prelude Lymarie. Recently, Gabriel formed a group called Melodias Borinqueñas that interpret typical Puerto Rican folk music, as well as other styles and genres.  


Jose Gabriel Munoz Cuatristas.com new Teacher!

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Major Stopovers for Puerto Rican Cuatro

Major Stopovers for Puerto Rican Cuatro

It is important that you practice the scales to improve the technique in the cuatro Puerto Rican The scales also help us to know the fingerboard, the name of the notes in the correct order or pattern, to improve the technique and speed of the fingers and to know the notes of a specific hue. In this new lesson you can learn the scales greater than one octave and download the tablature, sheet music in PDF format and the practice midi file. I hope you enjoy it and practice! 

Languages: Spanish & English 

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New lesson: The Good Borincan

New lesson: The Good Borincan by Rafael Hernández. In this lesson we want to show you how to play this famous song in Puerto Rican Cuatro. In addition to watching a detailed video, you can also download the tablature, sheet music and listen to and accompany you with the tracks that we recorded especially for you to practice at home. With the track you will be accompanied by guitar and percussion.

Good Borincan lyrics:

If I had not been born
in the land where I was born
would be sorry
Of not being born there.

I don't have it, the little blame
hear dear brothers
to be born on this little island
and of being a good borincano.

As I am not of stone
someday i will die
and my borincana land
I will leave my spoils.
Bury me wherever you want
but yes in my Borinquén.

Bolívar in Venezuela,
in Cuba Maceo and Martí
and in Argentina
the glorious Saint Martin.

They already gave their villages
homeland and half freedom
and my borincana land
God knows who will give him.


Some interpretations of the good Borincan:


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