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Student of the Month June 2012: Abner Collazo Cruz

Student of the Month Cuatristas.com

We are pleased to introduce a student from Cuatristas.com that due to its executions, improvement and notable progress in the Cuatrowe have decided to select him as Student of the Month.

Congratulations ABNER CANO COLLAZO-CRUZ for being a worthy representative of the students of  Cuatristas.com, in good time continue reaping success with your great talent in Puerto Rican Cuatro.


History and message of Abner "Cano" Collazo- Cruz


My name is Abner Collazo-Cruz, they call me Cano. I was born in New York and at age 10 my family returns to Bayamón, Puerto Rico where I grew up. In 1984 I entered the Puerto Rico Air National Guard and then decided to enter full time and that is how I arrived where I reside since 1988, Guam, USA. A tropical island of 35 x 10 miles, population 160k, and about 24 hours back to Puerto Rico.

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Lesson Resource: The Barrel (Polka)


Lesson: El barrilito (Polka) by instructor Fabiola Méndez

If you want to learn to play the polka "El Barrilito" remember that you can see the lesson in the category "Other genres" and download the tablature, score from there. 


Some versions of the Barrel:

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Demo of new lesson "Lamento Borincano" 03/14/2011

Demonstration of a new lesson: "Lamento Borincano" by Rafael Hernández

Instructor: Maribel Delgado

[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xU89I1FOf8 440x390]

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What do you expect to learn? 

Lyrics by Lamento Borincano (Rafael Hernández)

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