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New Lesson: The Pentatonic Scales and Live Guitar Cuatroy Class Service

The pentatonic scales by Fabiola Méndez
You can now view or review the lesson on pentatonic scales with the cuatrista Fabiola Méndez in which you will learn how to apply the major and minor pentatonic scales. Also, download PDF practice material with exercises related to this class. This master class was recorded live and is now available in the "Live Classes" category.
Individual live service service Cuatroy Guitarra

At we are specialists in Puerto Rican Cuatro classes online and in addition to offering you a complete method with multiple learning tools, we also offer you the service of live and individualized classes. Just you and your instructor in a private class with our live class system. Learn from the comfort of your home. Our Cuatroy Guitar classes are adapted for everyone and age. You only need to have a computer with an Internet connection, a webcam and the cuatro. Although in reality, many students take classes through their mobile phone and are very satisfied.

This is an additional service to the membership plans since a personalized service is provided in which the material of each class is prepared for each student and their need. This class is completely private between instructor and student.

Instructor: Maribel Delgado

Duration: 30 minutes

Spanish language
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