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How to use the metronome and its application

How to use the metronome and its application


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New Lesson: Puerto Rican Beginner Basics Cuatro

Are you a beginner and have doubts about how to start or progress? This lesson is for you! Find it in the "Live Classes" section.

You will learn concepts such as: Tune the cuatro, know what you need to start practicing, correct position of both hands, common mistakes, tips and advice to progress, exercises and more.

Download PDF of the lesson (7 pages)

Would you like to learn to play the Puerto Rican Cuatro?

We are in the best position to help you achieve your goal. We constantly prepare teaching materials so that you learn in an easy and fun way from the comfort of your home. Our instructors are cuatristas professionals and prepared to teach you everything related to cuatro. Ask in our Customer Service Chat for more information or write to us at: lacuatrista@ Gmail.com 

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Demonstration class: Practice Plan for the Cuatrista

Would you like to hear some advice on some recommended habits to practice Puerto Rican Cuatro? Subscribe for free to the YouTube channel to see this video, among others. SEE HERE

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