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Download the tablature / score of Montuno Criollo (Ladislao Martínez) Maestro Ladi

Demo of Tab & Sheet Music by Montuno Criollo, transcription for Puerto Rican Cuatro. You can now download it at www.cuatristas.com

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New at www.puertoricancuatro.com Check the new Cuatros!

New at www.puertoricancuatro.com 
Check the new Cuatros!
If you need a good instrument to practice, prepare for next Christmas or give away, at www.puertoricancuatro.com you can find quality in cuatros handmade in Puerto Rico and with great sound quality. Also with the purchase you receive a free month of lessons at www.cuatristas.com All cuatros include your gig bag and seal of authenticity of your luthier. Visit us without obligation to help you in your selection, we have for your budget and preference in wood. 
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New cuatro catalog
Puerto Rican Cuatro (Nice)
Puerto Rican Cuatro (cutaway)
Puerto Rican Cuatro (Nice)
Puerto Rican Cuatro (Guaraguao)
Puerto Rican Cuatro (Laurel)
Puerto Rican Cuatro (Cedar)

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LIVE Master Class: Basic Improvisation Concepts Puerto Rican Cuatrowith Jose Gabriel Muñoz


Master Class: Basic Improvisation Concepts for the Puerto Rican Cuatro 
Instructor: Jose Gabriel Munoz 
Language: English
Enjoy the Master Class tonight! "Basic Improvisation Concepts for Puerto Rican Cuatro". This Master Class will be in English language by instructor José Gabriel Muñoz. 
Date: Monday, May 24 
Time: 8pm (AST) 
Capacity: 10 Attendees per Master Class (Active Members)
Thank you for your patronage, it is a pleasure to serve you!
Questions: support @cuatristas.com

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