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Invitation to Live Video Conference / New Free Video Tutorial


Learn 5 variations of ornaments for
el Seis Squirt in Re 
Cuatristas.com gives you this video tutorial so that you can learn to play 5 variations of ornaments for the Seis Chorreao in D Major, free on YouTube. Don't forget to subscribe to YouTube Channel
Subscribers to Cuatristas.com can also slow down the video, print the tablature and score, use a metronome, change the key, among other exclusive tools for members of Cuatristas.com 
Next Live Video Conference
Go Live Cuatristas
Next Monday, February 19 at 8pm 
(Puerto Rico schedule), we will have the
next session of Live Video Conference with Maribel Delgado. Ask your questions, touch your cuatro To evaluate your progress, share with other members from different parts of the world of Cuatristas.com 
We are looking forward to seeing you in this Special Mini-webinar!  
* Important to use headphones to avoid feedback
Save this link so that on Monday at 8pm (from PR) you can go directly to Video Chat. If you have any technical or related questions to the Video Conference on Monday, you can write to support @cuatristas.com It will be a pleasure to assist you. 
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Download Tabs: Despacito (Intro Luis Fonsi) & Aguinaldo Jíbaro (intermediate)

Pleasing the requests of our subscribers, this week you will be able to download the following tablatures and scores for Puerto Rican Cuatro.  
Aguinaldo Jíbaro (Intermediate Level) 
Tablature of Aguinaldo Jibaro (Intermediate Level) with Theme, Accompaniment, 6 ornaments in the tone of D minor (Dm).
Despacito (Puerto Rican Intro) Cuatro)
Despacito (Puerto Rican Intro) Cuatro) 
At popular request, the introduction of Luis Fonsi's famous song "Despacito", which was originally recorded by the cuatrista Christian Nieves. Now you can download the tablature and sheet music in PDF and learn it in Cuatristas.com

Both requests in the Customer Service Forum. See here
If you have previously registered and do not have an active account, you only have to enter with your username and password. Start downloading the hundreds of tablatures, scores, tracks, and all the educational material that we have available for Puerto Rican Cuatro.
Doubts or questions?
Click toqu to go to Customer Service

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Invitation: Weekly Live Video Conference + Special Typical Music Tracks

Cuatristas.com Puerto Rican Classes Cuatro Online with members from different parts of the world.
Invitation to Video Conference live
Go online and ask all your questions, show your progress and interact with members of the community of Cuatristas.
Free for members of Cuatristas.com
Date: Friday, June 23
Time: 5:00 pm (AST)
SPECIAL CD Tracks of Typical Music by Quique Ayala

Special Price: $ 7.50 each Tracks include Cuatro1, Cuatro2, Guitar, Bass, Güiro and Bongo. Ideal for singing seisthat aguinaldos (the Cuatroalready recorded) or listen to the seisis and aguinaldo instrumentally. 
Special valid until June 27 of regular price $ 11.95   ***Limited quantity. 
Typical Music Tracks Vol. 1 Quique Ayala
Special price: $ 7.50
Typical Music Tracks 
Flight. 2 Quique Ayala
Special price: $ 7.50

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