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Congratulations to all our students and friends of the Virtual School of Puerto Rican Cuatro. Puertorican Music Online.com wants to offer you discounts on your favorite music.



The Best of Puerto Rican Cuatro and your favorite music! 

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Student of the Month- September 2009

Cuatrista featured of the month
 Featured Student of the Month of September 2009




Congratulations to Ferny for his performance in the cuatro Puerto Rican Ferny resides in the United States and practices her lessons consistently. See the result:

[video: http: //www.youtube.com/watch? v = WWBHxX82OyM 400x300]

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Press Release of Cuatristas.com

Best regards to the entire community of Cuatristas, from this servant Maribel Delgado. I want to publish the press release of cuatristas.com to give a little more exposure to our virtual school. If you know any means of communication and want to pass it, feel in full confidence, the idea is to continue with this project and make us known internationally so that the cuatro Continue to expand your borders, this time with Musical Education. 

Thank you!

Press release

La Cuatrista Maribel Delgado revealed the New Website Cuatristas.com where thousands of people from all over the world can learn to play the national instrument of Puerto Rico.
For the first time in the history of Puerto Rico, the new website allows people from Puerto Rico and internationally to study the Puerto Rican easily and from home. Cuatro.

(San Juan, PR) August 10, 2009. The cuatrista Maribel Delgado launched an interactive website, www.cuatristas.com, which will help hundreds of people play the cuatro Puerto Rican from the comfort of your home. The website Cuatristas.com (The Virtual School of Puerto Rican Cuatro) is the first website dedicated to Musical Education in Puerto Rican Cuatro, his team being pioneers in this matter.
Cuatristas.com offers the opportunity to learn genres of our culture such as dance, seis, aguinaldo, guaracha, mazurka, improvisation techniques, music theory, among others. Virtual students can access all the content of the Virtual School 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

The benefits of studying the cuatro Puerto Rican online are immense and can have a significant impact on the international promotion of the Puerto Rican national instrument. Currently people from the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, Mexico, Spain, Poland, among others are learning to interpret the cuatro Through the site and this fills me with great satisfaction as an educator and representative of the typical music of Puerto Rico. The idea for the creation of cuatristas.com was to provide education of cuatro Puerto Rican to people who do not have time to take face-to-face lessons due to their busy lifestyle or because they do not have a teacher available in their city or country (as is the case of people outside of Puerto Rico). The site www.cuatristas.com is very easy to use and allows users to choose their lessons according to their needs, they also have teachers who come online and live help (video conference) 24/7. The main objectives of cuatristas.com are strengthening the education of cuatro Puerto Rican, provide opportunities for learning that fit the busy agenda we live today and promote the national instrument and bring education to people who do not have access to a teacher because of its location. The Virtual School provides educational resources that can be downloaded from the www.cuatristas.com

For more information about the website La Escuela Virtual del Puerto Rican Cuatro www.cuatristas.com or leave a message to 787 562 7238 or email [email protected]

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