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Hello Friend,
New tablature to download: In my Old San Juan (Basic Level). Find it in the "Other genres" section of Cuatristas.com 

You can see the tablature for FREE here.
Last week we started doing the #cuatristaschallenge and this week we continue. Would you like to participate? Below are the instructions:

To participate:
1. Record a video playing the Cuatrousing this track from En mi Viejo San Juan. https://youtu.be/IORVBEAJU2A
2. Upload to facebook with the hashtag #cuatristaschallenge

It doesn't matter if you are an apprentice or a cuatrista Experienced We would love to see your videos and share them! 

Let's continue sharing and doing positive things for the good of all in such difficult times. Blessings and may you be in health! 

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New Lesson: In My Old San Juan (Intermediate Level)

New Lesson: In My Old San Juan (Intermediate Level)

Learn to play In My Old San Juan in Puerto Rican Cuatro enCuatristas.com

To see full lesson go to www.cuatristas.com 
Members of Cuatristas: Print tablature, musical notation, manage speed controls, download the track, option to change key, among other benefits of the subscription.

Hundreds of video lessons to learn how to play Puerto Rican Cuatro.

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