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Improvisational Language: Joe Pass

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In the new lesson, instructor Richard Peña discusses and teaches examples of famous jazzman Joe Pass's language and vocabulary. Examples applied to Puerto Rican Cuatro. See in the Live Classes section or go directly HERE

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The Modes | Improvisation Puerto Rican Cuatro

In the new lesson , instructor Richard Peña explains what modes are and what they are used for in music and applied to cuatro puerto rican See in the Live Classes section or go directly HERE

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New Lessons: Major Intervals & Minor Scales

 In this lesson on longer intervals, we share ideas on how to apply longer intervals to improvisation. Instructor: Fabiola Méndez


In this lesson on minor scales you will learn the scales and their variants with a focus on improvisation in Puerto Rican Cuatro. Instructor: Fabiola Méndez

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