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New Lesson + Progress of Cuatristas Live


New lesson available at Cuatristas.com
Click on the image to watch demo on YouTube / Click the image for the demo in YouTube
The interactive tablature of the dance "Under the Shadow of a Pine" is now available. 
Includes: Interactive Tab, PDF to print, Guitar Track for practice, Audio Guide with Cuatroand Guitar, modify the time to practice slower, etc. 
New video tab (interactive) Dance "Under the Shadow of a Pine".
Includes: Interactive Video Tab, PDF (print), Guitar Backing Track, Cuatro& Guitar backing full mix track, manage tempo tool.
As this lesson we have available for you more than 300 video lessons and tabs, tracks, etc. www.cuatristas.com 
Next Monday, June 4 we will have Live Video Conference to practice progress with instructor Maribel Delgado. 8pm (AST) 
Visit your Puerto Rican Store Cuatro here: www.puertoricancuatro.com
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