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Today: Live class and practice session with the cuatristas Maribel Delgado and Fabiola Méndez


Topic: Practice session and progress monitoring

Wednesday, May 26 5:30 pm (AST) 

Puerto Rico Time

Professor Maribel Delgado


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Live class: How to use the metronome?



On Wednesday, August 19 at 5:30 pm (AST), we will have a live class with the cuatrista Maribel Delgado.

Topic: How to use the metronome?
This lesson is directed to members of Cuatristas.com and in which you will learn to use the metronome. Also, answering questions live.
For information on how to enter this session, contact us through Customer Service Chat here

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How to learn to play Puerto Rican Cuatro?

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