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Major scales (2 octaves) with chords

The major scales | Puerto Rican Cuatro


Download the PDF and practice the scales interactively at Cuatristas.com. Learn major chords in their basic form. It is located in the section of Technique and Scales. SEE HERE

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Live Master Class with Fabiola Méndez

Invitation to Live Master Class with Fabiola Méndez Cuatristas.com 



Next Wednesday, May 27 at 17:00 p.m. (5pm AST), we will have as a guest the cuatrista Fabiola Méndez, a graduate of Berkley College of Music, being the first cuatrista on graduating from the prestigious university. 
This master class is aimed at members of Cuatristas.com and in which you will learn about the pentatonic scales in Puerto Rican Cuatro. You can not lose this!  

Target: Members of Cuatristas.com will have live interaction through the computer, tablets or mobiles, with Cuatristas recognized in which they will learn various topics related to Cuatroand culture. 
To access we recommend the following: 

- Access your "login" account to access the link and password for the practice session. It is necessary to access with the password.
- Use headphones to avoid feedback. 
- Make sure you have your account active in Cuatristas.com
How do I enter the live session? 
The link to enter will be published tomorrow in Cuatristas.com 30 minutes before class begins. You will see the link and access password at the top of the website. To see this information you must be "login" in your account as it will be visible to active members. If you have questions about how to enter, just send us a message in the chat or via email: lacuatrista@ Gmail.com
If you are not a member of Cuatristas.com and you want to learn how to play the CuatroDo not forget that we are in the best position to help you. Write to us in the customer service chat found on the main page of Cuatristas.com or email: lacuatrista@ Gmail.com It is always a pleasure to help you. 





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