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Live Class: Ideas for Accompaniment of Various Styles (Seisis and Aguinaldos)

Lesson: Ideas for Accompaniment of Various Styles (Seisis and Aguinaldos)
In this lesson we will explore some ideas to apply to some seisis and aguinaldos based on the analysis of chords and styles. Interactive class with practice exercises with the cuatrista Fabiola Mendez. 

Wednesday, September 3 at 7:00 pm (19:XNUMX pm)
Live classes are free for members of Cuatristas.com
If you are not a member of Cuatristas.com, we have spaces available for each live lesson. Ask how to access the Customer Service chat. 

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Invitation: Weekly Live Video Conference + Special Typical Music Tracks

Cuatristas.com Puerto Rican Classes Cuatro Online with members from different parts of the world.
Invitation to Video Conference live
Go online and ask all your questions, show your progress and interact with members of the community of Cuatristas.
Free for members of Cuatristas.com
Date: Friday, June 23
Time: 5:00 pm (AST)
SPECIAL CD Tracks of Typical Music by Quique Ayala

Special Price: $ 7.50 each Tracks include Cuatro1, Cuatro2, Guitar, Bass, G├╝iro and Bongo. Ideal for singing seisthat aguinaldos (the Cuatroalready recorded) or listen to the seisis and aguinaldo instrumentally. 
Special valid until June 27 of regular price $ 11.95   ***Limited quantity. 
Typical Music Tracks Vol. 1 Quique Ayala
Special price: $ 7.50
Typical Music Tracks 
Flight. 2 Quique Ayala
Special price: $ 7.50

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