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Live master class: How to move between scales of more than an octave? and new lesson with track and guide of Puerto Rican Cuatro


Master Class with Fabiola Méndez: 
How to move scales between octaves
¿Alguna vez te haz preguntado cómo moverte por el diapasón del Cuatrocon la técnica correcta? ¡Nuestro próximo Master Class es para ti! El próximo miércoles, 3 de junio a las 5pm (17hrs), tendremos el próximo Master Class sobre cómo moverse de escalas entre octavas con la cuatrista Fabiola Méndez. We recommend that before this lesson you review the lessons on the scales, these can be found in the Technique section and in Live Classes (recorded). 
¡Nuevo! Ejercicio de Práctica, Las Escalas Mayores Pentatónicas con Pista 
Practice the pentatonic major scales with track and guide of Cuatro

This exercise will help you practice and memorize the scales learned in the last Master Class of pentatonic scales. We have prepared a track for you to practice on each scale, first with a guide from Cuatro and then the track alone so you can make sure you have mastered it. The lesson is in the "Technique" section.
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I love the lessons since I have developed like never before. I have acquired more ease and speed at Puerto Rican Cuatro. -Guillermo H.
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