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Major scales (2 octaves) with chords

The major scales | Puerto Rican Cuatro


Download the PDF and practice the scales interactively at Cuatristas.com. Learn major chords in their basic form. It is located in the section of Technique and Scales. SEE HERE

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Ornaments and Floreteos for Puerto Rican Cuatro


In this class you will learn various ornaments or flourishes to apply to the seisis and aguinaldos with the cuatrista Fabiola Mendez. View in Live Class Archive.

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D Major in Different Positions of the Cuatro

D Major in Different Positions of the Cuatro


Learn 17 positions (chord with your inversions) of D Major across the entire fingerboard cuatro. In tablature, score and diagram format. Also the audio of each one so you can follow it in your practice. See lesson in section Technique

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