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Virtual School of Puerto Rican Cuatro


Thank you for being part of Cuatristas.com, the first virtual school for cuatro Puerto Rican Cuatristas It aims to teach lessons of cuatro through instructional modules using the latest technology.


 From the virtual school you can:

  • Videos
  • Download instructional videos with expert instructors in the cuatro Puerto Rican
  • See lesson as many times as necessary.
  • Access the lessons in the comfort of your home.
  • Observe the teachers playing the lesson.
  • Assignments & Theoretical Tests
  • Each lesson contains one or several tasks that are assigned by each instructor.
  • After each lesson you can print your homework and do.
  • Complete your theoretical courses with virtuale exams and receive certificates of approval for your portfolio.
  • Tabs & Scores
  • Each lesson contains tabs and scores in pdf format, which you can print and save in your study folder.

  • Track
  • Each teacher has the task of ensuring that your learning is an effective one. If you have doubts in any of the lessons, write an email and you will receive the answer to all your questions.
  • Customer service:
  • Blog
  • Virtual Hall
  • Virtual Community
  • Radio in your profile
  • Friends with same interests
  • and much more!

- cuatristas.com is committed to music education.

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